Baby’s First

Every first moment is precious.

First smile, laugh, crawl, sneeze, yawn all the way to watching them play with their toys for the first time. Your heart just melts away as you’re watching your baby grow. Something that is very bittersweet because you’re happy that they’re growing, but it also happens super fast! So you hold a little tighter, kiss a little longer, and always let them know you love them.

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Riley Blake has been blowing us away with first for the past month. It started off with her crawling to picking herself up and standing to her saying mama. Yes, she finally said the words I’ve been waiting for. Through each darling milestone, Carter’s has been there.

For her first time sleeping through the night with their cozy onesies.

Now, she doesn’t always sleep through the night, but when she does we do a little praise dance. I think the definition of parenthood has to be when you want your baby to sleep through the night, but also don’t mind them getting up just so you get some extra time in. When Riley wakes up for a bottle she is so cuddly and I cannot deny my love for that moment. I guess you could say the journey of being a mom or dad is filled with bittersweet moments.

Her first time laughing.

When I finally found something to make her laugh for the first time, I made sure to do it back to back. I didn’t want the laughing to stop. It was the best. My favorite sound.

For her first time crawling.

It started off with RB crawling backwards… until one day. She surprised us and took off crawling forwards. The whole house went crazy. “Yay, go Riley!’

Her first gymnastics class. 

Oh boy does RB love to dance! I knew I had to get her into some type of class and thanks to Google I found something. Gymnastic class is filled with lots of dance moves, laughter, and forward rolls. My baby is already a little gymnasts.

For her first time saying mama!

My heart could burst at this. My baby girl finally said my name!! Another sound I could listen to all day long.

What I love about Carter’s is that they’re pieces for every first step of the way. From onesies and sleepers to rompers and outfit sets, Riley Blake is covered. She even has their bath towels. And yes, I remember her very first bath. A day does not go by where I don’t take any pictures or videos of baby girl. I encourage all of you mommas to be the same way. Having these memories to look back on is something else.

Spring clothes for baby girl

Document those first. Hold on tight to each one of them. And make them more special with Carter’s. 

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