8 Things I’ve Learned In My Early Twenties

With today being my birthday and realizing just how much this past year taught me, I decided this post was fitting. These things are still something I remind myself of. I think we all need little reminders at some point. Please read through and let me know if you can relate in any way by commenting below!


8 Things I’ve Learned In My Early Twenties


  1. Seriously, who cares what others think?

    • Growing up we are shaped into the person we become at age 20 and at that point we can choose to let that define us or truly begin to learn for ourselves. To let go of the limiting beliefs, the “you should do and be this way”. And start living the life you want for yourself. Figuring out your religious beliefs, your dream job without caring what others think. Your family, your friends, society. Stop letting them control what you truly have a passion for. Wholeheartedly live your life for you.
  2. You must live out your purpose and calling. Then, everything will begin to make sense.

    • Of course, my parents had huge things planned for my life and I don’t hate them for it. That’s natural. I have hopes and dreams for my daughter too. All my parents want is for me to be well off, but I can’t be well of under their plans for me. I can’t be well off under society’s plans for me either. The only way I will be well off is when I’m aligned with what I came here on Earth to do. See, God perfected this wonderful calling. He chose me to do this something certain. It’s what is meant for me so I’m going after it. I can’t go after someone else dreams or it just won’t be or feel right.
  3. Living out your purpose doesn’t mean there won’t be work involved. 

    • I’m not saying that once you’re aligned with your purpose that it won’t involve work. Everything has its ups and downs, bad moments, and struggles. There is going to be work involved in living your dream. This is where balance comes in… balance between self-care, church, family time, creative time, and work. Create a rhythm that works for you but know that there is always going to be work. And arriving at our purpose doesn’t happen overnight nor is it one size fits all. Our calling can be lived out in so many ways. We can live our calling at the job that’s paying for our bills until our calling becomes full-time. Trust me. I learned this one the hard way. I pat myself on the back for my passion to go after my purpose so hard, but I expected things to happen overnight and that I would just live my dreams full-time from the jump without a worry in the world. Once I realized that wasn’t the case and I got a job working somewhere I didn’t really care for AND making the most out that job, things started shifting. See I learned that my calling is to connect with people and share my story so what did I do? Just that at the job I didn’t like. I started with where I was so now I am here.
  4. Find balance. 

    • Like I said above, balance is necessary. I used to find myself giving attention to only one area and then everything got out of whack because the rest wasn’t being nurtured. Which is normal at times, but for the most part, I now find balance. The way I do this though is by checking in with myself and staying aware with how I am feeling and what’s affecting me. I stay on top of my self-care, spend time with family, take time to meditate and pray, get creative, and focus on my business. I set up a schedule and again, stay on top of my feelings with everything. If something needs rearranging or more time one week, I handle it.
  5. Not sure if I mentioned this one yet… stop caring about what others think. 

    • Dude seriously, you gotta stop. I still tell myself this because I always say I don’t care then uhh.. find myself caring. “Should I post this? People are probably going to think this is crazy.” All sorts of things run through my head when I post to social media or I’m out and about. But I remind myself, who freaking cares?! It’s my life. Why would I allow someone else to suck away what I really want to do? You only have one life so make it the best one yet. Make it yours, not everyone elses.
  6. Life is what you make it. 

    • Simple as that. Set your mind to negative things, negative things will happen. Set your mind to positivity and great things will follow. Mindset is everything.
  7. Love yourself first. 

    • “Be your best, do your best, demand the best, expect the best, receive the best, and put your best out into the world so everyone can receive your best, too.” This quote is by Jen Sincere in the book You Are A Badass where she also says “One of the best things you can do to improve the world is to improve yourself.” These words are truer than true. I have noticed how much happier and present I am when I have spent time focusing on my well-being through working out, eating right, staying aware of my emotions, etc. I take care and love me first so I can be my best in every other aspect of my life.
  8. Just freaking do it! 

    • For crying out loud stop “waiting until everything is perfect” and let go of the doubts and JUST DO IT. Stop second guessing yourself and start going after what you want in life. It’s up to you. If you don’t chase it, don’t get upset when it doesn’t come. Again, we only get one life so make the most out of it right this minute.




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