5 Things I Wish I Knew About Motherhood

Of course I was warned about certain things during pregnancy, but it never really hit me until I actually gave birth. Even when I did have my baby girl, I was in such shock. “I am a mom” kept running through my head… still does. Let’s face it though, no amount of books can truly prepare you for motherhood.

Here is what I wish I had known…

  1. Everyone has their own experience. You may be thinking “well duh,” but honestly I was always seeking advice from other people and books. Everyone would always give me a different answer. Here’s the thing. As mothers, we are each unique. Our hormones affect us differently. Then, the babies are on a whole different ball field. You never really know what your baby may go through. My daughter deals with reflux and not once was I warned about that. My daughter likes to cry and again, I was under the impression that she wouldn’t give me a hard time at her current age. Every mom and every child has their own way. I wish I would have steered clear from advice and just soaked up the natural process to learn for myself. 
  2. I am a MOM. So basically I am superwoman. No, seriously… I am superwoman. Nothing to add there, because I know you mommas know exactly what I am talking about.
  3. Everyone has an opinion, especially about breastfeeding. Even males, who can’t physically have children have opinions. As much as I realize this now, I am still learning how to ignore it and keep going. Some comments just get under my skin, but I carried my daughter for nine months and gave birth to her sooo…………………………………………………………………… (Reference this post where I talk more on this exact matter)
  4. It may take two to tango, but it’s all on the mother. In my experience and I am guessing for a lot of other mothers out there due to the amount of memes I see on Facebook, moms are expected to do most of everything. A mom has to be the one waking up in the middle of the night while the dad just snores away. Mom is the one who remembers to do the smallest of things like brush baby girls hair. Oh and if you are a stay at home mom, like myself, everything must be perfect. Which, before I had my daughter, I honestly thought everything would be grand. I imagined having the laundry done, dishes clean, bed made, to have showered, and for everything to be wonderful all while watching my sweet daughter. Everyone else was kind of expecting this too, but nope. Didn’t happen. Still doesn’t. Some days are cupcakes and butterflies and others, I am right there with baby girl Riley, crying because I just can’t. C’mon now, I have to be preaching to someone!
  5. Mom brain is a thing. 


I highly enjoy being a mother and being a stay at home one too, but it isn’t always the happiest of times. Things get frustrating. My favorite part of it all though, is that I wouldn’t have it any other way. My daughter, throughout all of this, has taught me to be selfless, kind, patient, hard working, and motivated. I always have my side kick with me and that is one of the best feelings.

So yea, nuff said because the tears are starting to come. Yep, I cry all the time now.



But wait, I almost forgot to mention. YOUR BODY CHANGES. Going off of number one, everybody is different. Ha, everybody and every body. Your body may jump right back into shape or it may not, but do not beat yourself up about it. Who am I kidding? There are days I look at myself disgusted and other days I am like “wow, my bod went through something so magical.” Either way, just know you are not alone. Don’t let the moments of disgust last. When a nasty thought pops in your head, immediately push it away. We, as women and as moms, are freaking awesome for what we go through and just for that, we are beautiful. Our postpartum bodies are real. They are natural. They are not just us, but our babies too. 


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  1. I love it! I can relate totally. My daughter is 5 months old and I stay at home with her. I just love this blog & it came right on time. I just wish I would’ve just listened to myself instead of giving into all the advice around me. We are all different & that is beautiful!

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