5 Things I’ve Gained From Blogging

Before blogging, I did not realize the opportunities it could bring!


  1. Community. This has to be the biggest shocker for me. I honestly assumed people would be competitive and cut throat, but in fact they are friendly and love collaborating. Community over competition all day. I have met so many amazing bloggers from all different walks through Style Collective, meet ups, Facebook groups, and social media. If I ever have a question I know I can turn to one of my fellow bloggers and they will helpfully answer.
  2. Business. Ok, so blogging can establish many things! Wow the places blogging can take you. It can bring you a full on business of selling a product, offering a service, and more. My blog is a full-time business. I can run it how I want, it is my baby.
  3. Creativity. Blogging really does have me thinking outside of the box. Especially when it comes to wiring, how to market, and putting sponsored content out. I am always brainstorming ideas on ways I can be different and stand out.
  4. Knowledge. Through building my brand for blogging (website, social media, etc) I have learned a great deal of SEO, marketing, website building and designing, coding, social media management, and creating contracts.
  5. Amazing Products. Being a blogger, or influencer means you get the opportunity to work with different brands. This has been a super cool part of my blogging experience. I have worked with brands I haven’t heard of before to brands I have dreamed of working with. When I work with a company, I get a hands on experience to learn even more about their brand and that is fascinating. I love getting the product and figuring out how I want showcase it. Doing photo shoots are a blast. Then, figuring out how I want to put the work out there. Ah, it is just an overall creative experience because there are so many different ways to go. Marketing and networking are the two key things for my blog.

If you are someone who has been thinking of blogging, I highly suggest you do so.

Just do it!

When you start, remember the more you put into it is the more you will get out of it.


gained from blogging

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