Summer Outfit Lovin’

What in the frilly frill frill?!

I am usually not huge on earrings- always catch me in my studs and nothing else but I wanted to step out of my comfy zone and try something new. Mixing it up is my thang! So I gave these bad boys a shot and let me tell you, ya girl is in l-o-v-e



These earrings topped off a pink graphic tee. I like the bright colors together- they really make the outfit pop. This is the perfect summer time outfit!

I see myself wearing these earrings to several events I have coming up. I really like the way they stand out.  (from studs to wanting to stand out- see what stepping out of a comfort zone can do? Explore your horizons girl) Blue is also my favorite color so I mean I couldn’t really go wrong here.








The graphic tee says, “How He loves Us” which speaks volumes to me so I had to make a separate post that can be found here. *insert praying hand emojis*









TuTu skirts have me feeling all kinds of ways. I found this one in Misawa, Japan a couple years ago. It makes the outfit look so innocent.  This skirt can really be worn with pretty much everything due to the nude color and simplicity.


This outfit is already loads of fun and the skirt really sets the tone for the sweet, fun look.







Mhm, and I had to wear these cute, light pink wedges to make it all come together.


Graphic Tee:

Shoes: Martins in Florence, Alabama

Location: Downtown Frederick, Maryland


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  1. This outfit is awesome! I love how you paired the blue tassel earrings with the pink top and tulle skirt! I need that shirt! ❤️

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