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I Ran Out Of Gas On The Side Of The Road

On my personal Facebook page I'm constantly sharing my successful news. "I just got a partnership with x brand" "OMG! I'm now offering lash extensions and I'm located in the prettiest salon in town." and so on, so forth.   What I don't want to do is mislead anyone into thinking ...

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God Spoke To Me Through My GPS

It came to my surprise when I googled "Taco Bell near me" to find that it was on the road I always drive on. Like the road that's next to my house and gets me everywhere. I insisted on putting the address into my gps anyway.... JUST IN CASE.   See I knew exactly what road it was on and ...

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What I’ve Learned From Loving Myself

My abilities. The true reason I was meant to be on this Earth, not the one I made up in my mind from the people I shouldn't have been hanging around. When I found myself and chose to love who I am I also chose to see me for who I was without fear. Fearless of what others think and fearless of ...

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