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Why Every Mom Needs To Use Nuby Products

When I first started blogging (the month I had my daughter) I saw this super cool mitten. It's a teething mitten for babies and it was perfect for Riley as she was approaching the stage of always eating her hands. The mitten was of course made by Nuby. Time after time I kept running into the most ...

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Dealing With Anxiety As A Mom

It was May 11th. I walked into the hospital so nervous but so ready to give birth to my baby girl. As the clock struck 12:15am, sweet Riley Blake was born. The morning of May 12th was the best day of my life. The next three days were magical. I was surrounded by nurses who helped me tremendously ...

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Perspective Goes A Long Way

Believe it or not, we are all one. We are all humans.¬† Therefor each of us has a story. a background. bad days. insecurities. emotions.   Imagine this... You've had things happen back to back since waking up this morning. It just isn't your day. You run into the store to grab a bite to eat ...

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Don’t Give Up On Yourself

Essentially giving up on our plans, goals, and dreams is giving up on ourselves. Sometimes we just need to stop and reflect. Coming from a person who has tried so many things, I would know. I used to try something new every month. I also like to pile on 500 things at once. Dreams so big I just want ...

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What Not To Say To Someone Who Is Pregnant

The moment I found out I was pregnant I was filled with excitement. I was so ready to tell the world. As we're leaving the doctor's office my boyfriend Wesley calls a friend to let him know the wonderful news. He then proceeds to let me know not to tell everyone just yet until I'm further long. It ...

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