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2017 In Review + Reader Survey

Wow, the year is over and I cannot believe it. This was the year my blog launched. I put myself out there and I am so glad I did. I have learned a lot, but also celebrated many things. I've put work into my blog, but still have a long way to go. I know 2018 is my time to shine, but first I must ...

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  My mind is thinking of what colors I should paint the room, imagining how she will look, and anxious for her to finally come into the world. My daughter Riley Blake has now made her entrance and the joy I feel is beyond anything I have ever felt. Bringing a child in the world is the most ...

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              100  Days. Of pictures.  Of me and you.  Because we aren't alone.  And we can get through this.    "I was tired of feeling like a stranger in my own skin." The exact words my cousin said to me tonight. She had watched me cry tears ...

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The Best Gifts For New Moms

Make mom feel extra special with these gifts. We know baby well taken care of, now lets shower momma with some love! Things like a camera to capture the sweetest moments, planner to plan activities, and chocolate to stay sane for those sleepless nights and endless crying. Bless this new mom ...

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Planning To Achieve Your Goals

Ok so I've made post on kicking your end of the year goals in the butt, how to chase your dreams, and how to set your goals and achieve them. All which include the importance of using a planner. For that, I decided to make a whole post dedicated on planning. In this post you will find steps to ...

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