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The Importance of Having Mom Friends

When I got pregnant, I knew things would change. Turns out everything did. Getting ready in the mornings, going out, sleeping... everything. Well, one thing that I found to be not only a huge support but something that is necessary. A shift in friendships.   " I lost some friends along the ...

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Getting Ready for New York Fashion Week

*Affiliate links included* NYFW 2017 Ah, in high school I was dreaming of attending one of the biggest Fashion events that ever did exist, New York Fashion Week. The idea was something I quickly pushed away thinking that it was not possible. Well come August of 2017, my eyes were opened.   As ...

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5 Things I Wish I Knew About Motherhood

Of course I was warned about certain things during pregnancy, but it never really hit me until I actually gave birth. Even when I did have my baby girl, I was in such shock. "I am a mom" kept running through my head... still does. Let's face it though, no amount of books can truly prepare you for ...

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My Daughters Hair Routine

My daughter, Riley Blake, is now three months old... turning four months in less than two weeks. Wowzers. I honestly cannot believe how fast time is going! Anyway, what you really came here for. Hair. My hair is very curly. Having the option  to wear my hair either curly or straight is nice, but ...

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