2017 In Review + Reader Survey

Wow, the year is over and I cannot believe it. This was the year my blog launched. I put myself out there and I am so glad I did. I have learned a lot, but also celebrated many things. I’ve put work into my blog, but still have a long way to go. I know 2018 is my time to shine, but first I must reflect on this past year to make improvements in the right areas.

2017 Wins:

  • Giving birth to my sweet baby girl
  • Launching my blog
  • Building a course
  • Going to New York Fashion Week

Top 4 Blog Post:

  1. The DOC Band | Our Experience

  2. 5 Things I Wish I Knew About Parenthood

  3. The Importance Of Having Mom Friends Having Mom Friends

  4. The Number One Thing No Mom Should Ever Forget 

My word for 2018: Intention.

I want to be more intentional with my actions. This past year I have dipped into a ton of things out of excitement, which is totally fine but this upcoming year I want to have an established plan with serious reasoning behind each of my moves. As much as I want to beat myself up about the mistakes I have made this year, I really can’t because it has been a huge learning experience. I would much rather put myself out there than to not try at all.

Goals For 2018:

  • Stick to my brand. With jumping into blogging I wasn’t stuck on a subject. I had an idea, but everything moved very fast that I seemed to be all over the place. I now have a clear vision of my brand and I am excited for all the things I have planned.
  • Schedule. This is something I preach on, but with a baby it has been very hard for me to follow my own advice. In 2018 I want to get my daughter on a schedule, hire a nanny, or put her in daycare so I have set time to get work done all while having some sleep! My current schedule does not include sleep so having someone watch Riley while I work during the day will be a life saver.
  • Courage. After much reflection I realize that I haven’t been 100% myself. I seem to still hide parts of my life that can play greatly into my brand. My brand is about loving yourself, but I deal with depression and hardly share that with you. In 2018 I plan to open up more. I want you to step inside my life so you know how I came about the whole love yourself campaign and for you to see that you aren’t alone. I don’t want to just preach to you that you should love yourself, but I want to also show you. Show you that I have moments of feeling insecure, depressed, and a complete mess.

Here’s to being real and raw all while working hard and pushing through in 2018!

Below is a survey that I would love for you to take so I can get to know your better. I want to make sure you are getting the post you love from me next year!


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