15 Must Have Baby Products

must have baby products

With all of the baby product options out there, I figured I would round up a list of ones that have worked for me. These are definitely must haves.

These are in no particular order.
  1. Diaper Genie | This thing knocks out the smell of dirty diapers while giving you a place to throw them away. Super easy and convenient.
  2. Backseat Car Mirror | This is one of my favorite as I love being able to check on my baby girl every now and then, especially on a long car ride. If she starts crying, it is nice to be able to look back to see if maybe it was because of her pacifier falling out. That way I can just reach back there and hand it to her.
  3. Bouncer | I love that this has the option to play music and/or vibrant. This is great for preparing for nap time, reading a book to baby, calming baby down, letting you get something done… so many things!
  4. Twist & Fold Gym | The gym is amazing for tummy time. When lying on their back they have toys hanging down from the gym that baby can play with. Super fun!
  5. Car Seat Cover | Nice for when you don’t want strangers all up in your baby’s face! (yes, it happens) Also great for when it rains.
  6. Boppy | Another thing that is neat for tummy time. If your little one hates tummy time (like mine does), then this will definitely help with that. The boppy is just overall fantastic.
  7. Jumper | The jumper is a fun activity to get your baby off their head. It keeps them active and something you can hang on the door when showering or needing to get something done. (you’re welcome)
  8. Sleeper | I know this is an obvious one, but what might not be so obvious is getting one that can cover the hands. Hands and feet are the first ones to get very cold and those darn mittens always fall off.
  9. Nested Bean | Just the thing to have your baby sleeping through the night. (you’re welcome again)
  10. DockATot | A must when traveling or simply wanting baby to sleep in bed with you. It is pretty much a traveling bassinet.
  11. Teething Mitten | Because they will eat their hands.
  12. Mesh Feeder | An easy transition to feeding baby food. My daughter had acid reflux so feeding her baby food has helped and this is what we used to do so!
  13. Pack n’ Play | Comes with a diaper changing table, mini bed, bassinet, and a crib. You are sure to get a lot of use out of this for a long time.
  14. Nuby 360 Comfort Cup | Perfect bottle for reducing acid reflux. Hands down my absolute favorite product.
  15. Binxy Baby | Your grocery shopping trip life saver.



Have you tried any of these before? Is there something not on here that you think I must know about, comment below! I am always up for finding new and cool baby gear.

10 must have baby products

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  1. #5, the car seat cover is awesome! I made myself one like that, before they became “a thing”. It was great for winter days with the blowing wind and snow!

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