Launch Your Blog + Brand


Let me guess.

→You’re an expert in your field.

→You know all the things related to your business.

→You have the passion to work with people.

→You want to let them in on the knowledge you have.

→And you have a story to share. You’ve gone through some things. Some things that led you to where you are now.

→You want to help others who are going through similar hardships. You’ve been in their shoes and you want to pour your love and support onto them. You strive to be a motivational and knowledgeable figure to others.


But you’re stuck when it comes to finding the right people. 


→You’re craving clients, but don’t know how to get them. You’re ready to let people in on everything you have to offer.

→The idea of starting a blog has been on your mind for quite some time.

→You know you need one but you are stumped on where to start.


You’re constantly scrolling through Instagram and watching bloggers do big things. You crave that. That impact.

You want to do something huge. Changing lives is no small task and you can totally do it. You see these bloggers right in front of you on Instagram and all over YouTube so you know it’s possible. You know you can create an impactful brand. You know you can have several income streams. You know you can collaborate with big brands. You know you can do it. But how?

You’ve been Googling and searching Pinterest for hours on end and you’re still clueless as to how and where the heck to start.  You have questions on where to host your website, what kind of social media post to make, how to work with brands, how to build your brand. You want to know it all, but most importantly you want it to make sense.

I get it. That’s why I created this course. I cover the mindset work, blogging knowledge, and then talk about mixing the two. 

Naming Your Blog. Yes, you have a story, but how do you put all your thoughts into one? How can you talk about more than one subject, but still stay on brand? And for goodness sake, what do you name your blog?! I’ll cover all of that girl, don’t worry.


Honing In On Your Why. You have this super emotionally driven story that can impact lives, but you’re terrified people won’t read it. Well, not if you focus on your why. Not if you remember your why and let it be your fuel. This course starts with what’s most important- the purpose. I’ll discover your why and help you hone in on that so throughout your whole blogging career you are backed up and never lose sight or motivation of why you started in the first place.


The Legal Side Of Things. This course has a whole chapter dedicated to everything you need to know before you jump in. I go over the legal side of blogging so you’re prepared from the beginning. I also offer you tips on how to make it in the blogging world. Best part? I have resources on top of resources! Say goodbye to late night Googling!


Building Your Brand. The last thing in the planning process before you go into the website building chapter is building your brand. This is a super fun chapter as I teach you how to create a brand that speaks both from your personality and to your customers. Get ready to have a clear vision of what your brand is and how to go about portraying that throughout every aspect virtually and in person.


Putting Together Your Website. Here’s where things can be tricky, but not with this course. I have everything laid out in step by step instructions. Everything is clear and concise so it makes sense. I also have videos included with screen recordings so you can see exactly how to do everything.


Creating Content And Growing Your Social Media Platforms. You now have all the tips and tricks needed for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I teach how you to take and edit your own pictures on top of how to expand your presence.


Marketing Your Blog Outside Of Social Media. I go over other ways you can market your brand in person and through email marketing. My goal is to make sure you know every way to market your business so you can take advantage and hit the ground running as soon as you hit publish on your first post.


Networking 101. Networking is still of importance. Many people don’t talk about it in the blogging world since most things are virtual, but networking is not dead. Networking can be a huge advantage for you. So, I teach you how to network, where to find events, and what to do when you go to them!  


Monetizing Your Blog. Ooooooh, this chapter is filled with some fun surprises. A lot of people don’t realize how much money they can make blogging. I am going to show you how you can make some mula… in more than one way. Yes girl, I am going to show you how to have several income streams through one business. Get ready.


Designing A Blogging Schedule. Execution. Now that I have informed you on everything there is to know it’s time to execute and no, I don’t leave you hanging on this part. The last chapter goes over how to create a schedule that works for you so you can be consistent and stay on top of everything which will help you grow and keep you organized.


Everything you need to know boo. 


But why my course? 

The best meditation practice for summer time

Girlfriend, because I get it.

Because I was there. In your shoes. I had these exact same thoughts. My lack of where to start kept holding me back. The fear of what people would think once I finally announced my blog got to me. I didn’t know if brands would even want to work with me. Before I knew it I got stuck in a rut. My negative thoughts got the best of me. I was epic-ly confused. 100% lost. And close to just giving up on the whole thing.

“And who’s going to read my blog anyway?” I got so upset and stressed about not getting anywhere I started to question the whole thing.

But I’m so thankful it didn’t last. Because I started anyway. I figured it out. I told my story. Every bit of it. I spoke about the fear. I talked about what led me to start and what’s fueling me to keep going. And because of that?! Because of my transparency and because I kicked fear to the curb, my inbox started flooding with messages from people thanking me for being so real and raw. My bank account started flooding with money and from more than one place. I took a leap and before my eyes, I was making a living changing lives. And the best part? I wasn’t just changing other people’s lives. I was changing mine too.

I conquered fear. And I conquered my lack of knowledge on where the heck to start. Because yes, I hit up Pinterest just like you’ve been doing and every article I came across wanted to charge me thousands of dollars just teach me one part of blogging. And I am all for learning and investing in myself, but when it makes sense. So yes, I started anyway.

I started anyway and I kept going. I worked on my blog all day and all night. I allowed my story to be the backbone of my blog. It was through my transparency that things started coming together. My blog became my journal and in turn, I started helping myself and others through each of my posts. A mixture of my sleepless nights doing research and my authenticity is when I began seeing real, big time results. Before I knew it I was working with brands, receiving messages on how I was inspiring others, getting invites to New York Fashion Week, grew my following by 15k followers, and so much more. Throughout the whole process from launching to achieving different things, I documented my progress on Facebook. Before I knew it my inbox was flooding with questions. “How did you launch so quickly?” “You JUST started blogging and you’re already working with brands?” “You don’t even have that big of a following, but you got a partnership with MAC Cosmetics?!” Everyone wanted to know how the heck I did it.

Then I created this course.

I created this course keeping in mind the struggles I faced when I started. I created this course that will teach you everything there is to know about blogging. I created a cost-effective course that is filled with juice. I created this course keeping in mind the questions I was being asked when I first launched my blog. I created this course to help you kick those fears to the curb, become your authentic self, and uplevel your branding. I created this course for you.


So, you ready? You ready to get this blog up and running. If you’re ready to be resilient and turn your mess into your message. If you’re ready to have branding that speaks to your soul. If you’re ready, I’m ready for you too.





Self Paced

Self Paced + 8 Week Intensive Coaching


I am a firm believer in catering to different learning styles and for me personally, I love having both a course and someone to coach me through so I can ask questions as they arise, this is why I created an 8-week intensive option.

  • 1:1 MentoringOne-hour coaching calls every week for 8 weeks. I will be your motivator, your inspiration, your teacher, your coach, and your bff. I’m here to remind you of what’s inside of you and guide you to finding that courage so you can then be your own motivation. You have everything you need inside of you, I’m just here to remind you of that. 
  • A Customized Strategy PlanHaving a customized strategic plan will give you the exact help and guidance you need for your brand to start and grow.
  • An Idea Generator: I am here to help you come up with the outside of the box ideas to market yourself and create a huge impact online and in the community.