Of pictures. 

Of me and you. 

Because we aren’t alone. 

And we can get through this. 


“I was tired of feeling like a stranger in my own skin.”

The exact words my cousin said to me tonight. She had watched me cry tears on social media and pour out my problems of depression and anxiety. From being terrified to even admit to myself what I was going through to boldly putting myself out there to the world. My vulnerability turned into a movement.

Hashtag 100 Day Happiness Cleanse

After much talk, we put together a cleanse as a way to be involved in our mental health. #100dayhappinesscleanse is a cleanse that brings us together and also helps us through those moments we don’t feel like getting out of bed.

Here’s what the cleanse looks like:

First 1: Post a picture of what depression and anxiety look like to you.

Day 2-99: Post a picture of how you took steps into loving yourself and taking care of your mental state each day

Day 100: Post a picture of what loving yourself looks like.

It’s completely up to you if you choose to explain in the caption. The picture can say it all or you can add to it with your words.


Now we want to know, are you with us?

If so be sure to use the hashtag as we would love to feature you on the Instagram and help spread the word. Depression can already make a person feel lonely so we want to speak up and let each of you know, you aren’t alone!


Here’s to loving ourselves.

Taking care of our mental health.

And being one.



Creator: Abigail Updike can be found on Instagram here.

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