100 Ways To Love Yourself

In honor of my motto to encourage the world to live life to it’s fullest through loving ourselves and living our passion I decided to write up 100 ways to love yourself to give you ideas on things to do ♥ One idea for each day!

With each of these ideas, like going to the movies, don’t be afraid to go alone. This is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things!

  1. Meditate
  2. Spend time in nature- go for a walk, take a hike, or chill at the park
  3. Make a photo journal. Just go out, take photos, then plaster them on a poster board.
  4. Write down your goals
  5. Create a vision board
  6. Workout
  7. Take a trip
  8. Start a DIY project
  9. Declutter and organize your living and workspace
  10. Write in your journal
  11. Do something you’ve never done before
  12. Try essential oils
  13. Have a movie night
  14. Read a book
  15. Hit up the amusement park
  16. Have a spa day- massage, facial, and manicure
  17. Visit the library
  18. Listen to an inspirational podcast
  19. Eat healthily
  20. Come up with a plan for your business, kids schedule, financial, diet, etc.
  21. Have an activity-filled day with the zoo, aquarium, pottery class, etc
  22. Vent to a friend, therapist, family member, or journal
  23. Paint. No matter if you aren’t good at painting or have never painted in your life, grab a canvas and paint away!
  24. Dance in the rain. Next time it rains just go out and dance. Forget about your hair, makeup, and outfit… just enjoy it.
  25. Try a new hairstyle
  26. Post a silly photo
  27. Do volunteer work
  28. Have a staycation. Go to your local hotel or Airbnb and stay the night. Explore your town inside and out, then go back to relax in new scenery.
  29. Enjoy the moment
  30. Go somewhere you’ve never gone before
  31. Understand and know your worth. Write it down and hang it up if you need too.
  32. Cook dinner for yourself
  33. Take a risk, put yourself out there, and make a step toward living your passion.
  34. Run a hot bath
  35. Call a family member you never talk too much
  36. Get your car washed
  37. Dance as hard as you can around the house
  38. Sing as loud as you can around the house
  39. Make a list of random acts of kindness then spend the next few days doing them!
  40. Reflect. Write down how you’ve changed within the past year.
  41. Spend the day without your phone
  42. Dress yourself and go out with friends
  43. Go for a ride with the windows rolled down and music blasted
  44. Do the very thing you’ve been putting off and procrastinating on.
  45. Watch the sunrise and sunset
  46. Take a class or research something new
  47. Break a bad habit like smoking cigarettes
  48. Make a point to smile all day long
  49. Clean out your purse, backpack, and/or diaper bag
  50. Organize your e-mails, photos, and/or files on your phone and laptop
  51. Compliment yourself
  52. Do a foot soak
  53. Start growing a plant or flower
  54. Write a letter to yourself, hide it, then open it up at a later date.
  55. Come up with a morning and nightly routine that will set you up for an amazing day and sleep.
  56. Do a face mask
  57. Make it a habit to drink a gallon of water every day
  58. Think positive thoughts
  59. Hang around people who uplift you
  60. Remove the bad energy in your life
  61. Take care of your mental health by finding a therapist or speaking to someone who can help if need be.
  62. Read through the motivational quotes on Pinterest
  63. Have a nothing day. Just chill in bed and do nothing. Release everything from the week and just chill.
  64. Genuinely ask people you run into how their day is. Then genuinely listen to their response.
  65. Hire a photographer and get in front of that camera! I put this one up because I know many people are camera-shy, but I want all of us to ignore all the rude comments we were ever told and just have fun. After receiving the photos, write down how the photo shoot made you feel.
  66. Go to bed at a decent hour
  67. Write down 10 things you love about yourself
  68. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful and you got this!
  69. Take a boxing class
  70. Drink a cup of tea whilst snuggled up in a blanket or on the porch.
  71. Do something spontaneous
  72. Fill in the scrapbook or start one
  73. Laugh at yourself when you do something embarrassing
  74. Tell everyone you love, that you love them (yourself included)
  75. Learn about the history of your family by asking family members or checking out sites like ancestry.com
  76. Write down what’s stopping you from your goal then fix those things
  77. Don’t make excuses
  78. Take a yoga class. Many places have discounted rates for your first time visit.
  79. Eat a huge fruit and veggie salad
  80. Check to see when the last time you had a physical was. If it has been awhile, make an appointment for a physical and teeth cleaning.
  81. Stop feeling sorry for yourself
  82. Set up alarms on your phone for things you have a hard time remembering
  83. Find ways you can save money and be more minimalistic
  84. Become more intentional with your actions
  85. Truly think before you speak
  86. Write down and reflect on 5 of the biggest things that have happened in your life to shape you into the person you are today
  87. Make a vlog of your day
  88. Ladies, get fitted for clothing and bra
  89. Go shopping for things you need (toothbrush, skin care, soap, etc)
  90. Plan and go on a vacation
  91. Get a group together for a game of tennis or basketball
  92. Go sightseeing
  93. Bake cookies and watch a love story
  94. Cry when you feel the tears and don’t feel bad about it. Emotions are good.
  95. Wake up and stretch
  96. Join a club or meet up (book club, mom meet up, bible study, etc)
  97. Do a lip scrub
  98. Attend a local event and meet new people
  99. Light candles and ease your mind
  100. Turn on some gangster rap and do the dang thing!

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