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About Kayla Dene'

I am a creative. An artist. I blog. I YouTube. I recite poetry. I make bohemian decor.I host events. I travel. I do speaking engagements. I try different things. I explore and I expand. I do what sets my soul on fire and I hope it inspires you to, too.

Starting my blog granted me access to creating. I was welcomed into this world of being able to create and create in many facets. I started writing, taking pictures, making videos, editing videos, forming graphics, hosting events, selling products, being a public relations manager for myself, marketing my blog, running an e-mail list, and it goes on.This is why I dreamed of starting a business. This is why. To be able to have my hand in many areas and the best part of having a blog is that it has become my business and truly helped form me as a creative.Once I started holding power as an artist I started realizing that being multi-passionate is not by any means insane. I was told it was growing up so imagine my shock when I kept meeting person after person who ran several businesses or had multiple hobbies. I m a g i n e!Stepping into myself as a human. As a woman. As a bi-racial. As a mom. As a business owner. As an artist. As a creative. has changed my life for the better.

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My Services


Curate my home, set the tone, and create the vibe. Your place is your temple. Decorate your home and treat it with respect just like you do my mind and body. Hang up art and positivity everywhere.

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Oracle Card Readings

A chance for you to ask one question with further guidance and follow up cards to receive clarity or reassurance.

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Brand Coaching

Looking to find clarity in who you are and what you offer? Allow me to help you get clear on your brand and guide you through creating multiple streams of income.

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