Encouraging the world to live life to its fullest through loving ourselves and living our passion

Kayla Dene' Slusher

About Kayla Dene'

I am a creative. An artist. I make things. I blog. I recite poetry. I make bohemian decor. I host events. I travel. I do speaking engagements. I try different things. I explore and I expand. I do what sets my soul on fire and I hope it inspires you to, too.

This blog here exist as a way for my to express myself. I get to release which helps me and in turn it helps other know they aren't alone. The things I face I know others face too and it's only right I speak up. We are all in the life together. So I like to create and do many different things but my main goal is to encourage the world to live life to it's fullest through loving ourselves and living our passion.

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